Alec Peters, who is one of the newcomers of the Anadolu Efes, answered our questions on the media day in Sinan Erdem Dome.

Interview: Baris Cevahir

You’re going to play in Istanbul. How is your environment and how was your preparation process?

“It’s going pretty well. I’d say anytime you’re at new city, new team, it can take a little bit time. In preseason everything has gone well.”

Anadolu Efes and CSKA Moscow took on in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague final last year. You’re in the opponent team right now.

“I mean it’s a new year. We gotta push things same we did last year. Because you know we we won a EuroLeague title. Last year I was very fortuitous. So this year it’s a different team but goals are the same. We have to forget what happened last year. So these are my teammates.”

Coach Ergin Ataman likes pace and triple shoots. You’re familiar with the this game plan from NBA to Europe. You like open threes. How will it affect you?

“I think it’s been very well, coach Ataman likes to do. Offensively I will help a lot. I can make shots that you said. I can say this year will be even better for me.”

What would you like to say about differences between NBA and Turkish Airlines EuroLeague?

“There are a lot differences. Environment is different. Of course there are different rules. Games are shorter than NBA in Europe. It took me little bit time but it will be better than last year.”

TrendBasket / Yunus Emre Ak

You’re coming from Valparaiso University. You’re the one of three players who have graduated from Valparaiso in the last 15-20 years, played both at the NBA and highest levels of the Europe. What does it mean to you? (Ryan Broekhoff, Bryce Drew)

“I came from super small school. It’s incredible. They’re crazy. It’s cool. I try to represent my school best I can on the court. It’s very fortunate to where am I today and played both of NBA and EuroLeague.”

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