Before the Indiana Pacers – Denver Nuggets NBA Global Game, Derviş Göksun from TrendBasket made an interview with Serbian star Nikola Jokic.

TrendBasket/ Derviş Göksun

TrendBasket/ Derviş Göksun

Bogdanovic has Tweeted your name with a #NBAVote hashtag to support you for the All-Star game. Do you have any words for him?

Serbian National Team players are always close to each other. They had a game with Milano and the Serbian guys were together. Here me, Bjelica and Marjanovic are very close. That’s the reason why we are good as a national team.

Following up with the national team, are you going to be with the NT this summer?

Probably. I don’t know. I cannot say anything right now because I don’t know as we have 50 more games this year. I don’t want to say something that I cannot do but hopefully I will be with them.

Do you have any concerns about Istanbul hosting the Eurobasket?

To be honest yes. But we cannot change it, I cannot change it so we will see.

Derviş Göksun


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