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Interview Date: July 17, 2020

-You have been chosen as the best coach of the year in EuroLeague Women. What would you like to say about this success you achieved in the biggest league of women’s basketball in Europe?

“First of all, this is very important for the club. Things did not go well in the last two EuroLeague seasons, therefore everyone was very excited about the Final Four this season. It’s a very difficult situation not to be able to play the Final Four due to a pandemic. Individual trophies like Best coach and MVP is very important for us as well because this club has a winner mentality. This trophy belongs to everyone in this club. My players, my club, my technical stuff, board and everyone that has a role within Fenerbahce. And most importantly our fans.”

-In one of your interviews, you said that working in Fenerbahçe is the most important challenge in your career. What does this mean? Can you explain a little bit?

“Anyone that grows step by step always knows what the next step is for them. I needed a fresh start after three years in Spain. My family and my wife supported my goal of becoming a EuroLeague coach. The first step was going to Russia for Orenburg. We had a very successful time there and won the EuroCup. But I did not hesitate for a second when I received a call from Fenerbahce. At the time, being a Fenerbahce coach was the most important thing for me. I know the club very well now, but when I was watching Fenerbahce from distance I was watching a dream and my dreams called me. I can’t explain that feeling with words.”

“I am very happy here. I know that I have a tough job here because there is a lot to win here and expectations are always high. That’s the reason we work very hard and do our best for the club and the fans. If I had the option, I would stay here forever. But I know that this decision will be based on the results. I am very happy with my philosophy as well as my team’s.”

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