CSKA Moscow’s forward Johannes Voigtmann, answered our questions before the game between Anadolu Efes and CSKA Moscow in the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague game week 15.

Interview: Baris Cevahir

First of all, How is your EuroLeague season progressing? It’s a very tough season with 18 teams.

“We started well. We have a new team, a lot changes. Takes some time into get the rythm. We lost some game but we did not want to lose. But over all we are okey.”

This is your second abroad experience. How is your new environment in Moscow after Vitoria-Gasteiz?

 “It’s totally different than Vitoria. It’s a very big city. The climate is little bit different. It’s colder than Vitoria. But me and my family, we liked there. We’re happy for the decision made.”

In Baskonia, you worked with three different coaches in three years. They were Sito Alonso, Pedro Martinez and Velimir Perasovic. Three of them just reached the playoffs. So I think it’s a little bit difficult that working with different coaches every year. Was it for you?

“It’s not easy like you said. Because every coaches have their own stuff and system. To get the know that it’s very difficult and different. But over all, I like all of them. Each of them is specific.”

So, what do you think about your new role in Dimitris Itoudis’ system? It’s a very different mentality.

“He’s an another type of coach. He likes details. He’s interesting every little details of the game. It’s very nice. You know what to do. My role is that I have to help to defence, rebound the ball. In offensive side I’m still try to figure out what the role is and how can contribute to the game.”

You’re in the EuroLeague level now but you’re coming from EuroChallenge and Europe Cup. It’s a very rough way for you. It’s not easy. What’s next?

“Playing in the EuroLeague is amazing for me. I played over the 100 games right now. I think that level of the game is pretty well. Obviously I have many more goals. I have not won a title yet. And that is a stuff that I want to do. I hope we’re gonna make this year.”

What’s your opinion four Germany NT’s performance in 2019 FIBA WC. It’s a little bit bad for you?

“The World Cup was terrible. It was a huge disappointment. But right now, we have a Olympic Qualifying Tournament in the summer. We are gonna try everything to go to the Olympic games. It’s gonna be goal and we have to be sure that can we play together and can we get the highest level against the best teams. Of course, I always say that If I’m healty, I will be there.”

What do you expect for tomorrow game against Anadolu Efes? I think you have a plan especially to defensive side for Larkin and Micic. I think that you know very well Larkin from the Baskonia.

“They are very good. We watched videos and they are very impressive. Because they play together, everybody can score, everybody can help defensively. Shane is playing well. Also other guys play well. Right now, they are top of the EuroLeague.”

And you’re gonna play against your national team teammate, Tibor Pleiss, Have you talked before the game?

“We have not talked yet. We’re gonna talk tomorrow for sure.”

What’s your favourite. sports without basketball?

“I follow a lot of sports. I can’t say one thing. I like soccer, handball, winter sports…”

Who is your basketball idol?

“Probably Dirk Nowitzki.”

What’s your favourite TV-series?

“The Office is amazing. The Office is maybe one of my favourite. I have watched all the seasons. I’m watching a lot TV-series.

What’s your favourite The Office Character?

“I think all the characters have something special and very good. I like Dwight, I like Kevin.”

Federer or Nadal?

“Federer. Easy.”


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