TB EXCLUSIVE | Bogdan Bogdanovic: “If I’m healthy, If I’m ready of course I’ll always be there ” | #BasketballWC

Bogdan Bogdanovic of the Sacramento Kings and Serbia National Team spoke exclusively with TrendBasket.

Interview: Osman Ertorer

You lost four close games to this team, today with two points,  all games under five points. So what made you lose to them?

“Same as everytime I think. The experience. Nothing happens overnight.  I guess we had to lose this one so we can learn. I always believe you can learn more when you lose one game than you win. That’s what happened tonight and hopefully we learn.”

My second and last question about the national team. I guess you want to play for the national team for the world cup.

“Yes. If I’m healthy, If I’m ready of course I’ll always be there. That’s a good opportunity.”

But Serbia didn’t guarantee tonight, they lost the game against Estonia.

I know I watched the game. But we will beat Israel I think.

So you’re confident.

Yes, especially at home court. We always play better in front of our fans. Big advantage for us and I think we will win.


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