TB Archive | Bobby Dixon: ”I was born into a tough world in Chicago!”

Author: Bobby Dixon

I was born into a tough world. My life started in a poor and tough neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. At the age of 10, I had to join my 13 years old brother’s funeral. He was shot in his back. Not only I lost one of the most important figures of my life and my companion I saw my mother handcuffed as the police officers were waiting to take her back to jail after the funeral.

Giving up? I have never been a guy to give up. I have always fought until the end and I knew that I could get out of this world with my own effort. I had a god given talent in basketball and even though this was not the only way, it was a great opportunity for me. When I was 18, I decided to dedicate my life to basketball and spend all of my energy for it. That was the beginning of a great adventure. Of course, I used to play basketball before then, but I had many things going on in my life to worry about. I left them all aside. I was very fortunate enough to meet Brian Mckinney at that time. He was like a father to me and his mental mentoring helped me to develop my game and changed my perspective to basketball and life.

Fenerbahçe Basketbol (@FBBasketbol)
Fenerbahçe Basketbol (@FBBasketbol)

My professional career started when I had an offer from Europe to continue to play the game I was passionate for and the game I enjoyed every moment of it. I had a great experience in France, Italy and Poland and then my favorite part of my story started, Karsiyaka… I was spending my third year here when I added the most unforgettable moments to my story. I don’t know how would I react if I was told three years ago that I would come to a city like this, gain a huge love of the fans, won 2 trophies and a final MVP award. I am very happy about this love and I am enjoying every moment of it. When it comes to trophies and MVP award, it gives a different taste of joy when all your hard work pays off.

I think we need to emphasize the love from the fans more. I am talking a love that, one time I have seen a group of fans wearing my headband in the stands. But the thing that shocked me the most was a little fan who had my picture on his birthday cake. It’s a great pleasure and a genuine honor to feel all this love from people and especially from the kids. I appreciate all the love from all of the fans.

I will never forget what I have been through in the past. Because of that, I have an organization called Lionheart. Maybe it’s not the best to call it an organization yet, but I am coming up with new ideas and the whole thing is constantly developing. My ultimate goal is to make this organization a motivation source and make the people, who faced lots of difficulties with their big hearts in their lives and make their way through, a part of this organization. Additionally, I have a barber shop in Chicago. It’s always great to chat with old friends and recall the old days. I also have a Bentley which I have always dreamed of. I see it as the result of my hard work and it shows how important is what I have achieved.

What am I going to do after my basketball career? Of course, it’s still early to think about it but I will help kids. I will be within an organization that will make people’s lives better. I hope I will find this opportunity with my own organization.

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