EXCLUSIVE | Omri Casspi: “We have a new generation coming up and taking over and it’s tough”

Interview: Sergen Kumas

Golden State Warriors’ Israeli forward Omri Casspi spoke with TrendBasket after Saturday night’s win over Philadelphia 76ers.

So, I asked the same question to Andre but, you guys were down by 22 at halftime. What was the talk Coach Kerr gave at halftime to you guys in order to get you guys back into the game?

I mean, we know teams are going to make runs, and we have the ability to make stops and get a run of our own. As soon as we started making some shots, everything turned around, and we felt like they were on the back heel from that point on. So, it was just a tight camaraderie, Coach trusting our guys, and it was good.

One question about Eurobasket 2017 this past summer. Tel Aviv, Israel was one of the cities to host the tournament. You guys didn’t have your best run, but at every game, there was an average attendance of 9,200; the capacity of the arena was 10,000. Knowing you guys weren’t at your best, but still having the support from your country, where does Israeli basketball go from there in your opinion?
We’ll see. We have a new generation coming up and taking over. You know, we had a tough tournament.
You played for the youth team of Maccabi Tel Aviv. Do you still keep up with the Euroleague over there or no?
Yeah, I follow the Euroleague, Maccabi games, and some of the games around. A lot of good players.


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