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Interview: Sina Şen

+: Sina Şen

-: Dejan Majstorovic

Today, we will be learning what kind of life does Dejan Majstorovic world’s number one ranked 3×3 basketball player, have and how his career emerged to a huge success story. We made an interview with him to unleash his story behind this success. Hope you all enjoy!

+ How was your childhood years like? Were you into basketball?

– In my teenage years, I played football for seven years, between six and thirteen years old. In my childhood, I played handball, volleyball, ping-pong, football; but the only sport I did not try was basketball. I wasn’t liking basketball at all. It just wasn’t for me. Then, a sad moment happened. I had a verbal fight with my coach and I decided to stop playing football. After that, I started to play basketball because of my classmates who really liked this sport.

Dejan Majstorovic

+ How did you decide to play 3×3 basketball? And how did you meet your teammates, Bulut, Zdero, Savic?

– When I first started playing basketball, we were sometimes trying 3×3 basketball as well. We were playing before or after our basketball team practice. First time I have known my teammates that you mentioned was a competitive match. I was playing against them in Stara Pazova semi-final game. After that, I played them 3-4 more times. Then, they offered me to play 3×3 with them in 2014 and I accepted.

+ What were the challenges you faced when you started playing 3×3 basketball?

– The biggest challenged I faced is to become the best team and best player in the world. I couldn’t have dreamt of it, it is an absolute madness, a man who dies for football, becomes the world’s best. I think this is more than a challenge

+ In the latest rankings, you are ranked #1 in the world, can you summarize your path to become number one player in the World?

– I train very hard every day. When I play bad, I keep believing in myself and I never give up. Because of this, I think I am the best player in the world.

Dejan Majstorovic Instagram hesabı (@dejan.majstorovic8)
Dejan Majstorovic (@dejan.majstorovic8)

+ Do you have any game in mind that made an impact on you or that you have some memories about?

– I will always remember my first FIBA World Cup in 2014. We got the silver medal but I can’t forget this tournament because that was the first time I played for the national team. Also, I can’t forget the semi-final of the FIBA World Tour Finals 2015 against Piran in Abu Dhabi as I scored a buzzer-beating three-pointer to equalize the match and led my team in overtime.

+ How do people in Serbia approach streetball? How does it feel to be selected to the national squad and become World champions?

– Serbian people really love streetball. On every corner, you can find someone playing 3×3 basketball. It is an amazing feeling to play for the Serbian National Team, it is just not possible to explain.

+ Bulut created a basketball Academy. Do you think of something similar?

– Although it is a great milestone, I don’t think of it right now.

 + What are differences between 5v5 basketball vs 3v3 basketball?

– There are too many, it is too much to explain the rules right now, but I can say that 3×3 basketball is much faster and there’s more action.

+ Different from other teams, I think you have some offensive sets and a playbook. How did you create that? And do you practice those sets Daily?

– We don’t have lots of sets as you think, I think because of our basketball knowledge, we create them during the games by using our imagination. We don’t practice sets during our trainings, we just play 3×3.

+ Do you have any pre-game rituals? What kind of music do you listen?

– I don’t have any pre-game rituals. I usually listen Serbian music.

+ Hardest match that you remember?

– We’ve had lots of hard games. If I need to select one, I would say the semi-final of the FIBA World Tour Finals 2015 against a great team, Piran.

+ What are your pieces of advice to youngsters who are interested in 3×3 basketball?

– My advice to them is to work hard, believe in yourself, and never give up.



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