Brad Wanamaker: ”I’m here to win with David Blatt” | EXCLUSIVE

During the BSL Media Day, we interviewed with Brad Wanamaker. Here is our interview with the new face of the Darüşşafaka Doğuş, Brad Wanamaker.

Brad, I think we can say that preparation stage was all good for you. You won the Zadar Cup and you selected as MVP of the tournament. What can you say about the preparation stage?

I can say that it was a great preparation stage which we had an opportunity to improve ourselves. We started to show that we are a good team, that is not just on the paper. We have a great group of guys and we want to prove ourself. Zadar Tournament was a great step for us. I know it was pre-season but we played against Fenerbahçe, the team that play together for two years, and won the game, that was a good sign for us.

What about your adaptation period to Darüşşafaka Doğuş and Turkey, İstanbul? Is it hard for you?

No. Leaving Bamberg was not the easiest thing I do, I’m far away from my home but after all I feel very comfortable here.

There were some terrorist attacks in İstanbul during the summer. For example airport bombing and then coup attempt. How did they effect your decision about coming to İstanbul? Did you feel scared?

They effected me a lot because I have a wife and two kids. I was thinking like, “Damn, I am taking my family over to this.” I talked to guys in the Darüşşafaka and they told me to calm down and things are going to be normal, I believed them. Here I am today and things turned back to normal. But it was a scary moment just not for me also for my parents and my wife’s parents.

Last season you worked with Andrea Trinchieri and he is a type of coach that help his players to improve their games a lot. What is the main difference between Trinchieri and David Blatt for the practices and games?

It is too early to say this. My two years with Andrea was great. He is a hard worker and he is very passionate about the game. He is hungry, he always wants to prove himself. He is always out there to prove himself and let people know that. If you work with the Andrea, you always need to try to be better than the last day.

Format of the Euroleague has completely changed and the rule for the fast break fouls also changed. How these changes can effect the players and the game, what can you say?

Definitely, it will help some teams, teams like to run. In the other hand, it can hurt the teams that use this foul as their game plan. For the new format, playing against the best teams of the Euroleague and high level games for every night, this is something I look forward to. It will be a lot of travels and a lot of games in a week but it will be fun.

During the summer, some European teams interested you and there were rumors that you took an offer from Fenerbahçe. Did you ever take that offer?

I heard the rumors and know that some clubs were interested but I did not take any offer from Turkey than Darüşşafaka Doğuş.

What was the main reason for you to join Darüşşafaka Doğuş?

First of all I liked the club and the project. The main reason was David Blatt. He is a coach that coming from the NBA Finals and everybody respect him. It was not hard for me to choose. I’m here to win with coach Blatt, step by step I want to win it all.

These days some European teams play with two point guards and some time Darüşşafaka do it too. Playing with another point guard with you how do you feel on the court, is it create big difference, is it comfortable for you?

No, it does not create difference at all. During the pre-season I played with Scottie at the same time and it did not changed my game but also help the team for the tempo of the game. I’m still playing the same NBA aggressive.

Every player have an idol during the childhood. Who was your idol Brad?

While growing my idol was Tracy McGrady. He was my idol. I love you T-Mac.

Interview | Onur Coşkun

Setting | Murat Akcan


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