NBA’in eski oyuncularından Stephon Marbury, coronavirus günlerinde memleketi New York’a 10 milyon adet maske dağıtacak.

Coney Island, New York doğumlu oyuncu Instagram hesabında yaptığı paylaşımda süreçte yaşadıklarını anlatırken takipçilerine de seslendi.

New York Post kaynaklı haberde ise Marbury’nin Çinli bir maske tedarikçisi ile 10 milyon maske konusunda anlaştığı ifade edildi. Stephon Marbury, N95 maskelerini salgın süreci için New York şehrine dağıtacak.

Beijing Royal Fighters’ta koçluk kariyerini başlatan Stephon Marbury, NBA’de Minnesota Timberwolves, New Jersey Nets, Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks ve Boston Celtics formalarını terletmişti.


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This is the new normal in the life. We have to adjust and adapt quickly in our lives. Wearing a mask is so important during this #coronavirus pandemic if we must be out and about. The quarantine has purpose so we can help the infected and protect the healthy. The virus is the invisible killer. It has no heart or compassion as we’re all exposed. I too have family members exposed to this virus. No one is exempt as we see people of all statue infected by this virus. The only way to move pass this is through it together. We can do this by staying home until we create a solution that everyone can conform and perform well to. Positive energy laughter, prayer 🙏🏾, meditation are some of the rules we can follow. Quick to listen and slow to speak to each other will help us communicate better to each other. This will give us strength and hope during a time we never experienced in time to grow together as 1. Keep growing and loving during this uncomfortable time. You define who you are when you create comfort in a uncomfortable state. Stay great in this space and keep pushing!!! #loveislove

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