Another detailed report of Kobe Bryant helicopter crash revealed!

Important details were reported regarding the death of legendary name of basketball, Kobe Bryant.

National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) shared a report about the tragic helicopter crash in which nine people including the pilot, Kobe Bryant and Gigi Bryant died. 

(YouTube Channel Captain Baha) The highlights of the meeting so far are as follows:

  • It was confirmed that all controls of helicopter that was carrying Kobe Bryant, registration N72EX, were completed in early 2020.
  • According to NTSB, Pilot Ara Zobayan saw the weather conditions before the flight and should’ve told Kobe Bryant “We cannot fly today. We can go somewhere else, if you’d like.”
  • After the take off, the pilot should’ve checked the weather conditions and asked himself if “Is it okay to fly in this weather?”
  •  N72EX was operated by a famous US-based oil company before Kobe Bryant, and during that period, the oil company had 2 pilots to fly the helicopter during flights. Kobe Bryant preferred to fly with one pilot. The report suggests that if there had been two pilots, this accident may not have happened. To be more precise, this accident could still have happened even with two pilots, but the chances would’ve been less likely.
  • It is believed that Pilot Ara Zobayan thought he should complete the flight despite the weather conditions that caused the accident.
  • The helicopter didn’t have black box recordings since there is no requirement in this regard.
  • It’s also been stated that this accident could have been prevented if it had been checked whether N72EX had completed a flight under those weather conditions before.


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