Fenerbahçe Doğuş newcommer Italian Nicolò Melli shared his thoughts about the new season with TrendBasket. Here is the full statement.

-This season will be a fresh start for you. You have played some friendly games, how is going so far?

“I’m excited, (looking at Gigi who is passing by) even though Gigi (Datome) is here. (Laughed) It has been just one week, everything is going so fast. We need to time to understand 100% ‘where I am’. The beginning was definetely great. 

-What was effective in your decision to choose Fenerbahçe Doğuş? Of course, there are two Italians in the team, Datome and Mr. Gherardini, but what made you come here?

“Honestly, I didn’t speak with Gigi. He was probably last one to know it. So I made this decision, of course, by talking with the teams, and the coaches of the different teams that wanted me. But at the end of the day, I made this decision by myself, with my family, with my girlfriend and my friends. So, this is how I came here. 

-If we go back to a few weeks ago, to EuroBasket, could you say that you achieved the goal?

“I think we achieved the goal, being among the top eight teams is always a very nice thing. For many years the Italian Natianol Team hasn’t been winning much, so it is not easy to understand that being in the first eight teams is a good goal, is a good thing. Personally, I am not super-satisfied, I tried my best, I put my maximum effort in it and I’m satisfied with it. 

-And your first impressions about living in Istanbul?

“Yeah, it’s been a short time. But it is a city that has everything so I will adapt very quick. I just need time to settle down everything. I will be fine.”

Begüm Ünal

Twitter: @beggysworld


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