Interview: Utkuhan Genç

Editing: Kemal Rutkay Özcan

Boston Celtics’ German big man Daniel Theis spoke exclusively with TrendBasket, prior to Saturday’s road win over the Indiana Pacers.

How is your season so far? How is your adaptation process to the USA and the NBA?

I think, [it’s] pretty good. It took me a little bit of time because it came just faster. But I think I adjusted pretty good. The team and Coach Stevens makes it easy.

How is it like being a rookie in a contender team? Compared to being in a weaker team, it kinda decreases the minutes you get but what are your feelings?

When I’m on the court, I try to help the team, bring energy, play defense for sure. I have games I don’t play but I don’t mind. We have a pretty good squad. We have been winning games. We got a deep bench, a lot of great players. So, I’m just happy.

Your move to the NBA was surprising to a lot of European basketball fans. How did you decide on coming to the NBA?

I thought it’s the right time now. After two years in EuroLeague, on a high level in Europe, I felt like it’s the right time after winning championships with Bamberg. Then, I had an opportunity with Boston to come here. I felt like it was the right time.

How is working with Brad Stevens like? He’s a great coach and how did he differ your game?

He’s a great coach, he knows basketball. He knows how to adjust in or before the games, preparing teams. My ex-coach, Andrea Trinchieri was the same. He goes through everything perfect. The same as Brad.

Celtics are the best team in the NBA right now. Do you think you guys would have much more ceiling, if Hayward didn’t get injured? More power on the offense, maybe?

It’s hard to tell. Gordon was a big part of the team. We had a pretty good start but we only played 20 games yet. We have 60 more; so it’s a long season.

What are your expectations about the rest of the season?

Just to keep playing, I guess. We are the best defensive team in the league. We have to keep doing this. I think it’s gonna help us win a lot games.

Because of scheduling, you don’t get to play with German National Team in FIBA World Cup Qualifiers. How do you feel about that?

This is a tough situation. I watched the game yesterday. We have a lot of players, good talent. I think players who are there are gonna make it, win the games. And next summer, when we have to win, me and Dennis are gonna play.


Last question, I’m gonna try to ask it in German. Sorry for my pronunciation. (In German) Do you have anything to say about the Bamberg fans and the Bamberg organization?

(In German) Bamberg has the best fans in Germany and Boston has the best fans in the US. It is very comparable.

Utkuhan Genç


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