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We made an interview with Pacers’ Croatian player Bojan Bogdanovic last night after the match between Pacers and Nets. You can find further details of the interview given by Bojan Bogdanovic to Utkuhan Genç, from our teammates.

Great game for your offence, you scored 140 for the first time after 2010. What went well in your offense?

We played exactly as we wanted. We play fast pace with many fastbreak points. We played well but they also scored 131. We have many things to work  and I hope that we are going to improve our defence.

Do you think, being a new team created this defensive problems?

This is just the first game and we just started playing together. It’s good way to build a chemistry after this win. We got a lot of work to put on. There is a long way ahead of us and it is a long season. And I hope that we are going to grow defensively.

What do you think about your performance? You played around 30 minuutes and this is more than you usually play. Do you think Paul George’s departure helped you to get more minutes?

It is a startes minutes and I hope I am going to play more and more every game and as a team we are trying to improve in every game and I am trying to contribute to the team.

What was different in Washington? You couldn’t get the minutes, you wanted.

I was sixth man and I was playing out of the bench and now I am a starter so it is completely different and it’s normal that I am playing more minutes here.

When you heard that Wizards renounced your contract, what did you feel?

I am excited to play for Pacers and we got an agreement quick after my departure and this summer I think we get a good mix of young and experienced players. And they are help young players to grow and become better. They are going to lift our team to be better.

How was adapting Pacers for you? Was it hard?

I am in the league for a while so there is no adjusment needed.

Do you think Pacers can make playoffs?

It’s still first game and I think it is too early to talk about playoffs.

What about your performance in EuroBasket? Your lost against Russia was rough. What was wrong in that game?

What went wrong? We didn’t have enough quality to beat them and that was what was wrong.

You guys played well in group phase though?

We didn’t play good. We had a slow start against Hungary and against Romania we started 0-15 for them so we were not good enough to beat Russia or be one of the best teams.

Last question is about Turkey. What do you think abour your days back in Fenerbahce? What was different there?

I had three great years in Istanbul and Fenerbahce is more than a club over there in Turkey and I am still following basketball and football because I am a big football fan and I wish Fenerbahce luck in all the competitions they are competing.

Utkuhan Genç


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