TB EXCLUSIVE | Vanja Marinkovic: “It’s my dream to going to the #NBA” #EuroLeague

Vanja Marinkovic of Valencia Basket has answered TrendBasket’s question before the game between Fenerbahce Beko and Valencia Basket in Istanbul.

Interview: Baris Cevahir

It’s a very tough season. And this is your first season in the EuroLeague. What would you like to say about this situation?

“I think it is a fine season for me and my club. This is my first EuroLeague season. I am 22 years old and I think it is pretty good.”

In the summer, your name mentioned with Fenerbahce Beko, your tomorrow opponent. Were the rumors true?

“Really. I don’t know. They want asking me also Olympiacos. I was in Serbia. My agent told me situations about Valencia. And that’s it. I heard something was happening but exactly, I don’t know nothing.”

If you get a chance one day, would you like to play under with Zeljko Obradovic?

“Of course. If you ask any guy from this team or any EuroLeague team, they will say yes. Playing under with Zeljko is special. It’s really fine. Zeljko also fine to led his team to the top.”

What about the NBA? You selected by Sacramento Kings in this year. So we know that Bogdan (Bogdanovic) and Nemanja (Bjelica) is there. General manager of the team is Vlade Divac. Have you contact with these names?

“I don’t know really. But I have a contact with Bogdan. Because I was playing with him in Partizan. I know Bjelica also from some summer workouts. It’s great thing, I’m honored for draft. But I’m here two, maybe three, years. And we will see after that. Of course it’s my dream to going to the NBA.”


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