TB EXCLUSIVE | Marko Simonovic: “This summer we were trying to achieve the gold”

Marko Simonovic, experienced player of the Adriatic League team Cedevita Olimpija, answered TrendBasket‘s questions.

Interview: Baris Cevahir

First off all, You’re a part of the new organization. Cedevita and Olimpija have a new organization. What would you like to say about this?

“I can say that -as you said- is the united of two teams. They get the one. They did a great job. Two organization have a great management and staff also. The president of the club know what to do for a basketball team. Coaches and players are very nice. It’s really enjoy time to stay here.”

You have a very long and very very big experience. You played many games in EuroLeague and EuroCup, won some championship. After that what do you expect about your career?

“I’m totally satisfied with my career. It was a long long trip. I hope I would play three more years. For me, It was a amazing journey. Basketball is something special for me. I love basketball and I really enjoy it. And I’m sure that one day when I retired I will stay in basketball.”

So let me back to summer. You were a part of the Serbian National Team. But China was a disappointment for all the team. And you get some criticism as a team. For you, what was the real problem? Was it about players or coaching? Or something outside the court?

“We had a same team, same coach and staff as years ago. We’re all together like six years. In that period we had three silver medal. This summer we were trying to achieve the gold. But basketball is unpredictive game. You never know what is gonna be happen.  Maybe it’s about miss our captain Milos Teodosic. With him, it could be better game by game.”

By the way you’re retired to National Team. You had 1 Olympic silver, 1 World Cup silver. When you look at back, what would you like to say about your national team story?

“It’s an amazing experience. Now, when I look at back I only see the best emotions and feelings. When I look the my career, first look you can see about the national team. And then with the clubs.”

In your whole career, what’s your unforgettable moment?

“Semi final against Lithuania, 2015. And 2014. We were there so quite. Nobody didn’t expect anything. Everybody thought that maybe we can pass the group and exit. But we did amazing job. Semi final against France was something special too.”

How do you see the Serbian National Team’s future?

“This year, we have not a good results in young categories. I think we have talent enough. I don’t know how they have not get some medals in this summer. We know usually Serbia has get some medal. I think the players over there, If they go the right way and improve there are no worries about national team.”

What do you think about Serbian NBA players? They are your teammate from Serbian National Team.

“They deserve to be there. They are great players. As you know, when you talk about the Serbian basketball school, there are smart player always. They always think about the understanding the basketball and games. They are the best what we have in this moment.”


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