Patrick Comninos, #BasketballCL CEO, is on #BCLPodcast

Basketball Champions League CEO, Patrick Comninos, appeared on TrendBasket’s BCL Podcast for a detailed conversation.

Hosted by Begüm Ünal and Kemal Rutkay Özcan, Patrick Comninos touched on a variety of topics on the podcast and shared his opinions on several issues. The reformed competition format, the financial situation of the sports in Europe, next year’s lineup in the BCL, 2020-21 Playoffs and Final Eight, FIBA Intercontinental Cup, and FIBA Asia Champions Cup were extensively discussed.

You can listen to the ninth episode of our podcast on SoundCloud and Spotify.

On the next pages are the highlights of our conversation with Patrick Comninos:

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Basketball Champions League CEO Patrick Comninos is on BCL Podcast


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