Interview: Sergen Kumas

Following the Portland Trail Blazers’ road loss to the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday, Portland wingman Evan Turner gave an exclusive interview to TrendBasket.

Evan, tough loss for the tonight, 101-81. What went wrong with the team tonight?

You know, they started off on a great run. Anytime you start down 16-0, it’s gonna be tough. Every time we cut it within single digits, somebody would stop and hit a big shot. They did a great job of not only controlling the game, being out early, but weathering the storm when we were probably gonna make a run. Everybody played well. McConnell hit some timely shots. Embiid obviously stopped and hit some shots, Rob Covington. They had a great, all around team, played the right way to win.  Coach Brown coached a great game.

This team drafted you back in 2012, you were 2nd overall. And, a memorable series back in 2012 against the Boston Celtics, it went to a seven game series. In that series, you averaged around 10 points and 10 rebounds a game; you were a key player in that series. Looking back on it now, do you still have a good bond with this organization? Despite how the crowd was acting tonight.

Honestly, you have so many different presidents and GMs, obviously. But, I like said, I still talk to the people I saw day to day, on a regular basis. Most of their kids have grown up. Old enough to speak them myself too. So, I have a pretty good bond with who was here and who’s still around. I always those people. 

Last season, you guys were 24th in defensive efficiency, but this year you guys are up already to second place. What changed for you guys? During the offseason, you guys didn’t have a huge amount of additions to the team. What really changed defensively for you guys?

We just all tried to buckle down, and hold people accountable; pick it up. You know we thought last year, if we guarded just a little bit better, we could’ve made it in the 20s. We thought we could have a won few games, and that’s been the biggest thing.


Sergen Kumas


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