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An important battle for playoff between Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers ended with a 101-98 Indiana win. Prior to the game, Domantas Sabonis of the Indiana Pacers spoke exclusively with TrendBasket.

Domantas, you guys came here back in November. You guys lost to very close game, 121-110. You guys are now back here, the season’s kind of coming to an end, now the playoffs are within a few weeks. When it comes to the mindset of going into tonight’s game, Indiana and the Sixers, only two games separating you guys, what’s your mindset and the team’s mindset going into tonight’s matchup?

The team’s mindset is just to come out. It’s a very important game. These last games that are left in the season are playoff positions, so it’s very important for us to come here and get a win. We’re one and one so it would be nice to get a lead in the tiebreaker, and then just come out and play basketball. We know they’re a very talented team, it’s going to be hard. Tough environment here and we just gotta come and try to do our best to get the win.

One question I wanted to ask you about your personal experience was you played in the EuroLeague, the Liga Endesa in Spain, and also you played for Gonzaga for two years. When you compare and contrast, what situation do you think better helped your preparation for the NBA do you think looking back on it now?

I think I take little things from every experience I’ve had; you can only learn from things you go through. I think in Spain, EuroLeague, and Gonzaga I’ve learned different things that helped me become the player I am today, so I’m just very thankful for those opportunities.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

As of March 17, throughout 66 games, Sabonis has been averaging 11.7 points, 7.9 rebounds, 2 assists in 24.7 minutes per contest.

You played in Spain like the said, the Liga Endesa, when you think about Luka Doncic, he’s just all over the place in regards to Mock drafts. Last night I checked, he was #2 just behind DeAndre Ayton. What do you think about Luka Doncic? Do you think he has that ability to become a franchise point guard here in the NBA?

Oh yeah, of course. He’s very talented. He’s one of the top young prospects in Europe. I think he’s ready for next year. I think he’ll have a great year. He’s a very hard working kid and he just wants to win.”

One last thing. Do you still want to say anything back to fans in Spain? You played for Malaga back in Spain. Do you want to say anything back to them at all or no?
Of course. I’m happy for everything you guys gave me; it was a great opportunity. It’s my second home back there, a lot of family and friends. Hopefully I can come back sometime soon.

Sergen Kumas


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