Interview: Atakan Murzoğlu

The Oklahoma City Thunder had a blowout win over the Toronto Raptors on Thursday night. After the Thunder cruised to a 123-102 victory, we did an exclusive interview with Thunder’s Lithuanian rookie Domantas Sabonis.


What are your thoughts about tonight’s game?

I think we played really well defense for the first three quarters. In the fourth quarter, we had a little bit of a slippage there. We just got to stay connected and perform for the whole game but I think we did a really good job.

As someone who is familiar with the NCAA lifestyle, how would you describe the NBA lifestyle?

I can say that it’s very busy. There’s always travelling. There are a lot of practices and I’m just getting better on them. It’s a job like any other job and I take it seriously.

Russell Westbrook has been playing like a machine so far this season. What would you say about him?

He makes everyone better. He makes all of us better. I’m really lucky to be his teammate and I’m happy to be part of this organization.

Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

Photo by Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

Sabonis played 19 minutes off the bench and contributed to the win by recording eight points, six rebounds, two assists.

What was the main thing in your game Gonzaga helped you improve?

Everything, I think. I had two great years at Gonzaga that I won’t forget. I think that period of time helped me become who I am now.

Gonzaga is in the March Madness this season*. What do you think about their chances in the tournament?

They are going to win it all (Laughing).

*: As of March 19, Gonzaga have beaten South Dakota State and Northwestern, respectively, and will be taking on West Virginia for the Sweet Sixteen encounter on March 23.

Atakan Murzoğlu

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