Kostas Sloukas says that he is happy to extend his contract with Fenerbahçe Doğuş family, let’s have a look at his full statement during the EuroLeague Media Day.

-It has been a long summer for you. How does it feel to be back?

“First of all, my first option was to stay here. I’m very happy to stay in this family. Last year we had a really good season but this season will be more difficult and I hope to have a road like the previous season by winning the titles.”

-Some important players are gone, like Bogdan and Ekpe. You have a relatively new roster. How’s the atmosphere so far in the team?

“The atmosphere is really good. The new guys are of very quality and good persons. Of course, Bogdan and Ekpe were the leaders of the team, but the new guys are also good players. I hope that we will have the great results of last season also this season. We need to work a lot, because they are new to our tactics and to what coach asks us to do. We need patience and hard work.” 

Begüm Ünal

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