New big man of Fenerbahçe Doğuş, Jason Thompson, has talked to TrendBasket about his fresh new start

-I’m sure that many people are curious about your reasons to choose Fenerbahçe Doğuş. How did you decide to come here?

“The team was interested in me. I’ve played in NBA for years and I know that EuroLeague is a tough league as well. I still wanted to play at high level. I’ve talked the Coach, to the organization. Then I’ve signed and came here, met the fans. They gave me open arms. I got along with my teammates very quickly. That’s going to translate on court.”

-Did you know anyone from here before coming to Fenerbahçe Doğuş?

“Yeah, I played against Jan (Vesely), I knew James (Nunnally) from Sacramento. But I didn’t have someone like a best friend with whom I could talk everyday and so. But my teammates helped me throughout the process, to get accustomed both on-the-court and off-the-court. 

-You have come to a club where there is a lot of pressure on the players. Did you know about it? And how relevant is that fact to you?

“This is my 10th year as a professional player. I played at highest levels in the world. So I’m used to playing under pressure. I think it all depends on the pressure; you play a game, you do what it takes to win it. I know that the team has major successes over the years, it has been the EuroLeague champions. I didn’t come here only to be a part of a great team but to help out and try to do the same thing this year as well.”

-Have you been in Istanbul before? How did you find the city so far?

“It’s my first time. It’s been amazing so far, it’s crazy. When I first got to here, I experienced the EuroBasket games and saw the Turkish National Team play and former NBA players I played against as well. I’m going to different restaurants to eat, being welcome by the fans has been great. I’m telling all the friends and family that it’s such a great city. And it reminds you being at home.” 

Begüm Ünal

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